21 Days

03. January 2018 Freedom 0

This is the theme of my 21 Days of Prayer. I want to build my hunger for Him and saturate my heart with His love.

Statistically speaking, it takes 21 days to form (or break) a habit…anecdotally speaking, it can take forever ?.

If you saw my video on my Facebook page, I invited everyone to participate in a thing called 21 Days of Prayer. I first heard of this at a church I attended previously. We were invited to join together corporately for an hour at the church at 6am each weekday and at 9 on Saturdays for 21 days. They did a brief devotion together and sang a few songs from the stage. Then the remaining time was spent in individual prayer time. The music was on and loud so that everyone could pray in various ways. Some would pace others would sit. Some would pray aloud, others silently. The energy of being physically together was worth the drive in the bitter cold before the sun rose. However, they also offered for you to stream the prayer service online if you weren’t able to make it in person.

Since encountering this practice, I have adopted it as my own. It has always proven to be a powerful time in my relationship with God. I grow in surprising ways and am usually blown away by how he answers my prayers.

Tomorrow I will post my tips for a successful 21 Days. I hope that you will consider joining me and thousands of other believers as we commit 2018 to God and all He has for us: both as a Church body and the individual. The days are 1/7-1/27 and some will also choose to fast something during that time.

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