Tis the Season!

12. December 2017 Freedom 0

This is the season of so many things. I often find myself saying “tis the season,” when someone mentions something that occurs frequently in this time of year. Colds, school programs, buying tons of presents, creating to-do lists for all those little errands that need to be run before the kids get out for Christmas Break…

But it is also the season of the arrival of the Prince of Peace (I know he was not actually born this time of year…but another post for another time). Let us honor Him by practicing peace. Peace is not a by-product of our settled circumstances, but rather an intentional state of being. Peace in my heart, because my full existence is not tethered to anything in this temporary world. Peace in my actions because I am not drawing solely from my own strength. Peace in my words because I choose them and they carry with them the power to bring life or death.

Celebrate the Prince of Peace each day with an act of peace!

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