Transition: A Time to Anchor Yourself


It seems everywhere I go these days, I hear the women around me talk about a new season. They are all in transition from one phase of life to another. Some of the changes are small and some are huge.

I am part of a special group of women that meet on a Wednesday morning from after Labor Day to the end of May. It is such a wonderful group of women. We represent different churches, neighborhoods, seasons of life, and connections. Some home school, while others choose private or public school. We have women who have raised their children and others who are expecting. No two are alike in their situations. Yet, we all have a ravenous love for God and Holy Spirit’s role in our lives. We have a desperate desire to be extravagant lovers of people and Jesus. We are adamant about creating a safe place of worship and growth within the walls of the group. It is a slice of Heaven!

Today was our first day back and we flocked to the home of our sweet host as desert wanderers would flock to a well. The atmosphere was echoing with the sighs of our souls as we sought shelter among our sisters. As we all went around the room sharing our name and a little bio for the newcomers, a theme arose quickly. “I am in transition.” It was said both blatantly and vaguely. Some were quick to wave the flag of surrender to “doing it alone” and some where already grateful for the sisterhood the group has provided in the past and will continue to count on it for the future. I am humbled to be a part of such a remnant of women. I too am in transition and am seeking wisdom and prayer from my friends.

I have been in a season of raising babies and toddlers for the past 7 years and am on the doorstep of a new phase. My youngest turned 3 last week and I am seeing the last shreds of baby and toddler tendencies fall off our life like the remaining leaves on a November tree. Fast and forever. Obviously, I know there will be new leaves and new seasons and I look forward to all of that. But transition of any kind can be weathered more successfully if you anchor yourself in a few things that will always be relevant.


1. Daily time with God~ An easy answer, but how often do we forfeit this when life gets rough. It suffers and gets neglected in seasons of transition. However, Holy Spirit is waiting at the break of day to deliver PEACE and MERCY, ┬ádirection and comfort. Don’t pass up this supernatural dose of energy and love you get from being in the Presence every day…I am speaking to myself right now!

2. Community~ There is so much to be said for “doing life” with others. To know you are not alone. To know that others care for you. To have someone come alongside you and offer to help, pray, listen, etc. This is the most valuable (tangible) gift the Father gave us. Each other.

3. A Core Friend~ Unlike the group of friends I mention above, a core friend needs to know all the nitty gritty. They need to be a safe place to let it all hang out. If you do not have one of these people in your life, please make that a daily prayer until it happens. They will be key during a transition time.


These three tips will make a transition time easier in the long run. There will be hard times and heartache when you are growing and changing. God assures us there will be trials and tribulations. He also assures us that he has overcome it all! He will give you the tools you need to succeed (or simply survive) in this season. Anchor yourself in the gifts he has given you: Holy Spirit and other believers.


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