What I’m Reading Wednesday (Jan. 18)

Hey everyone, I hope your year is starting off well. If not, it is not the beginning of a theme, so don’t believe that lie. Sometimes the enemy will throw some obstacles in our way as seeds of doubt. We all have this from time to time. Take a moment today to declare truth over your heart. Tell God you trust what He is doing and you know that regardless of what is seen in front of you, you know that HE is working in the unseen on your behalf. This year will bring forth fruit and you will declare victory for the Kingdom. Sometimes our choice to refuse to listen to the enemy’s invitation is THE most powerful thing we can do. Take heart!

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Anyway, that was just something on my heart. I am carving out a new routine here at home with construction going on in our second floor (after over 8 years of living in this beloved house), working for my husband, and having two kids in public school, my whole world has shifted ever so slightly. I am honestly really enjoying it! I have some lofty goals this year and am excited to see how the Holy Spirit and I achieve them. Lately, in the mornings particularly, I have been diving into The Power of the Other by Dr. Henry Cloud. It has been a great book for leadership development. I am only about 2/3 through so my official review will come next week, but I am enjoying it so far.

I am not sure about you, but I am seemingly always reading at least 2 books at a time. I typically keep it to 2–one fiction and one nonfiction as it is easy for my brain to keep them separate. However, I have found that if I am using different formats, I can do three or four! I have been using Hoopla for a while and although it is not a perfect system, free always eases my angst when something doesn’t run smoothly on occasion. If you don’t know what Hoopla is, it’s an app that you can put on your device and access hundreds of digital items from your library. You can download a number of movies, audiobooks, music, ebooks, etc. Then, when they are “due” they will remove themselves. I mean, how cool is that?! I will admit that sometimes I have trouble with audiobooks on my bluetooth device so I just chose to use my old wired earbuds to listen more consistently. I am not sure if that is a device thing (older phone) or what, but again, who cares, free is free!

You can check out Hoopla here.

Thanks to Hoopla I am listening to Everything She Forgot by Lisa Ballantyne while I clean or work out. I like a good story to keep me from focusing too much on the arduous task in front of me. Again, I am not finished with anything this week so my review will have to wait.

The last one I am into is a paperback (because I will forever be a fan of an actual book in my hands) called My Sister’s Voice by Mary Carter. I find more and more that I wish I had developed (or been born with) the speed-reader talent that some of my friends possess. I feel accomplished when I get 100 pages in in one day but I also know that I have spent more than an hour just reading to get that far. I am probably considered a slow reader at best, but then again, I am enjoying nearly every morsel!

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