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“God saving you is only the beginning of the greatest redemption story of your life. If you let Him, He will weave redemption into every facet of your life from now until your last breath. ”

The Journey of Becoming Holy

“Maturity takes time. It’s a long road, but a fabulous journey.

This quote by Graham Cooke sparked the title of the book that has been stirring in my heart for a long time. After saying yes to the eternal gift of salvation through the sacrificial gift of Jesus Christ, we are all left with a choice: do we lean into a life of refinement and sanctification that becoming holy requires, or do we hunker down and wait for our time on Earth to come to an end? Salvation is an instant act that can only be accomplished through the perfect son of God. However, sanctification, or the act of becoming holy, is something that requires our participation and intentional engagement. What’s the payoff? Why choose a life of constant submission and dying to self?

In The Fabulous Journey I invite you to embrace the wild ride of sanctification that leads us to grow towards maturity. It is a journey full of ups and downs. There will be days when it feels impossible, but the encounters with our Creator and the intimacy that can be cultivated with Him along the way, make it all worth it! By the end, I pray that it is the becoming–not the arriving–that brings you unending joy.

He is better than we know and the depths of His love and goodness are unending. May you grow in your hunger to dive deeper with each passing year. There is always more to be had in the Kingdom of God!

“I am living a life that trusts Jesus to purchase my eternal future, God to rescue my flawed past, and Spirit to guide my steps of the here and now. Redemption is a current, past, and future part of my life.”

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“Maturity takes time. It’s a long road, but a fabulous journey.”
~Graham Cooke 

The group is designed to encourage you along the journey of sanctification. This old-fashioned, churchy word simply means becoming holy. We choose Jesus and that secures our salvation, but becoming holy is a process that unfolds throughout our life. My hope and prayer is that you find sustenance and encouragement for the next leg of your journey here among fellow journeymen.

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