My Everything


On Wednesdays I get the opportunity to gather with a pretty amazing group of women. These are the deep wells I have mentioned before. I cherish these women and they may never fully know what spending time with them has done for me and my journey with God. Each meeting consists of time to just soak in the Father’s presence. As we listen to music we are encouraged to feel safe and free to be with Him in our own way. Some leave the room to dance and sway to the music, others lie down and just rest in Him, while others may write or close their eyes and sing. I love catching a glimpse of these Daughters of the Kingdom embracing intimacy with their Creator. It is breathtaking and soul shaking.

This week, I was in a weird place mentally and having trouble quieting my mind enough to just be. I began thinking about my kids and the meaning of their names (something we had done when first choosing their names). I puttered on my phone, looking up each one and writing down the significance and the Hebrew spelling (if they had it) and then praying over each child. I was declaring the good attributes over them and remembering why we chose each beautiful name. I then felt a little guilty, like I was missing out on my opportunity to worship and quiet myself before the Lord without my children to interrupt (a true gift in my current season). I put all stuff aside and closed my eyes. I was going to press past the mind clutter and burrow into his presence. I was there for what seemed like a nanosecond when the chorus of the song playing sliced through and caused me to take note:

Come to Me, I’m all you need.
Come to Me, I’m everything
Come to Me, I’m all you need.
Come to Me, I’m your everything
Come to Me by Jenn Johnson and John Hendrickson

The word everything was seemingly so loud it filled my soul. I kept hearing it long after the singer had moved on. It just carried such weight to it. I began to wonder what the Hebrew word for “everything” was. I entered “everything in Hebrew” into the search, and this is what I discovered:

my everything



To put this into English we would say Kol (pronounced coal). Each individual symbol also has meaning. As I began writing these down, a beautiful picture emerged in my mind. K (kaf as we would spell it) is the first symbol and it means “an open hand.” The O (vav) means “a nail”, and the l (lamed) means “a shepherd’s crook” (staff). Wow!

The word everything when put together creates such a cool picture. An open hand (invitation, offering of something, vulnerability), a nail (sacrifice), and a shepherd’s crook (guidance, leadership, protection). In this one word, we see that God truly is our everything. He is all that you need, he is all that you could hope, think, or imagine. Intimacy with him is “kol.” It isn’t the laws or the religion and it never will be. You cannot “religion” yourself into the heart of the Father. But intimacy with the Father is our source to everything. It doesn’t have to look a certain way, it simply needs to be sincere.

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