What I’m Reading Wednesday (Jan. 25)


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The first month of the year is wrapping up! Age is certainly doing its part to speed up time! I asked my kids if the month went quickly and they all three said “NO!” I laughed because I used to feel the same way. Now, I am not sure if it is the busyness of adulthood or the age thing, but time is going at a nice clip.

I am keeping up with my reading and managed to finish two of the books mentioned last time. I am excited to be able to recommend both!


power of the other

The Power of the Other by Dr. Henry Cloud

This was an excellent book for those looking to read something for personal growth in regards to relationships. The best part of this is that it has more to do with business type relationships than personal. So, if you are looking to improve your communication skills in the workplace (from a leadership or subordinate standpoint) this book is for you! I was also easily able to apply the concepts of this book to my marriage. The premise of the book is about the 4 types of connections we experience with people. The fourth corner is the ideal place and I had a choice to stay it that connection with my husband this weekend. It required an uncomfortable conversation to be had (instead of stewing about the problem–something I would have done in the past).

Overall, a pretty quick read with good insight into anyone’s life. He concludes that high performance is based on relationship as well as our own ability to grow and be challenged by others. 4.5 out of 5 for this one.




Everything She Forgot by Lisa Ballantyne

I like to branch out of my typical genre with audiobooks. Sometimes I would lose interest in a storyline if it weren’t for the audio version. This was probably not one of those times! This book kept me coming back for more. I actually organized my kids entire playroom (for the hundredth time) joyfully because I had this book to keep me company. I am not 100% sure if I would have felt the same way reading it in written form because the audio was read by a gentlemen with a fun accent! He performed the voices so well that I found that to be a key asset to the book. Again, it was a great story so it is safe to say that reading this one would also be a treat. It took me until 80% of the book to put it all together. That is a sign of a great book in my mind. It gets a 5 out of 5 for me…with the caveat that I can overlook a lull in storyline or slow beginning (not that this book had them necessarily) when it is in audiobook form.


What are you reading? Have you read either of these two? Thoughts? Comment below!



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Jan. 11


What I’m Reading Wednesday (Jan. 18)

Hey everyone, I hope your year is starting off well. If not, it is not the beginning of a theme, so don’t believe that lie. Sometimes the enemy will throw some obstacles in our way as seeds of doubt. We all have this from time to time. Take a moment today to declare truth over your heart. Tell God you trust what He is doing and you know that regardless of what is seen in front of you, you know that HE is working in the unseen on your behalf. This year will bring forth fruit and you will declare victory for the Kingdom. Sometimes our choice to refuse to listen to the enemy’s invitation is THE most powerful thing we can do. Take heart!

mountains meadow

Anyway, that was just something on my heart. I am carving out a new routine here at home with construction going on in our second floor (after over 8 years of living in this beloved house), working for my husband, and having two kids in public school, my whole world has shifted ever so slightly. I am honestly really enjoying it! I have some lofty goals this year and am excited to see how the Holy Spirit and I achieve them. Lately, in the mornings particularly, I have been diving into The Power of the Other by Dr. Henry Cloud. It has been a great book for leadership development. I am only about 2/3 through so my official review will come next week, but I am enjoying it so far.

I am not sure about you, but I am seemingly always reading at least 2 books at a time. I typically keep it to 2–one fiction and one nonfiction as it is easy for my brain to keep them separate. However, I have found that if I am using different formats, I can do three or four! I have been using Hoopla for a while and although it is not a perfect system, free always eases my angst when something doesn’t run smoothly on occasion. If you don’t know what Hoopla is, it’s an app that you can put on your device and access hundreds of digital items from your library. You can download a number of movies, audiobooks, music, ebooks, etc. Then, when they are “due” they will remove themselves. I mean, how cool is that?! I will admit that sometimes I have trouble with audiobooks on my bluetooth device so I just chose to use my old wired earbuds to listen more consistently. I am not sure if that is a device thing (older phone) or what, but again, who cares, free is free!

You can check out Hoopla here.

Thanks to Hoopla I am listening to Everything She Forgot by Lisa Ballantyne while I clean or work out. I like a good story to keep me from focusing too much on the arduous task in front of me. Again, I am not finished with anything this week so my review will have to wait.

The last one I am into is a paperback (because I will forever be a fan of an actual book in my hands) called My Sister’s Voice by Mary Carter. I find more and more that I wish I had developed (or been born with) the speed-reader talent that some of my friends possess. I feel accomplished when I get 100 pages in in one day but I also know that I have spent more than an hour just reading to get that far. I am probably considered a slow reader at best, but then again, I am enjoying nearly every morsel!

Comment below on your current reads!


What I’m Reading Wednesday


mountains meadow


I have had so many people ask me for book recommendations and I am always happy to suggest a few, but honestly it makes me nervous. HA! In the back of my mind I am always worried the person won’t like it and kind of judge me for my taste. This of course is a possibility, and also, WHO CARES?! We may love a book for a simple truth it made us see or old feelings it stirs inside, so it may wash right over your BFF who swears she would like anything you like. Anyway, I am a self proclaimed bookworm who also has a lot on her plate so I am lucky to finish a few books a month. I am also a slow reader ( I think) I mean I have friends who *I THINK* have super powers and finish books in a day…and I’ve seen their houses, they are clean and orderly so SOMEONE is cleaning them *AND* reading copious amounts of pages…I simply cannot do both. Try as I may I am super stoked if I read 2 chapters in a given day. But I digress…

I want to update you on the books I am reading. It is fun to get a recommendation and if you have read one of the books I mention PLEASE comment below. I used to have a book club and I miss the conversation about the book as much as I miss meeting with that group of ladies. I am also thinking of putting Amazon Affiliate links to the books so that if you decide to buy them I get a (very thin) slice of the cheddar *wink*. But you all know how that works, it doesn’t cost YOU anything extra to buy from that link and it would be fun for me so win-win!


Back to the reading!


I have finished two books in the nonfiction category this year. The first is “You and Me Forever” by Francis and Lisa Chan. This is my favorite marriage book I have ever read! I give it  5 stars. The Truths that it redirects you to are profound yet simple. HOWEVER, it is a challenging book and makes you take a hard look at where you direct your focus. I am at a place in my relationship with God that I can see someone light years ahead of me giving me advice and not feel guilt and shame for not being there. I do not get defensive about the things he is suggesting I do. I take it to God and let the Holy Spirit highlight to me what is for my plate and my task list in this season. With that said, this book challenged me to take a hard look at some things and I think I benefitted greatly from those tasks.













On a less spiritual note, I read “Talking as Fast as I Can” by Lauren Graham this past week and it was a delight! She is a writer and actress and hearing her journey to where she is was fascinating. Her process for writing and the tips she shared were an unexpected surprise as I thought the book was only going to be about Gilmore Girls and Parenthood and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. But is was more than that, and I enjoyed it so much! If you took to the witty, fast-paced dialogue of Gilmore Girls, then you will love the tone of this book. I give it a 4 out of 5. (with a 5 out of 5 if you like tips on writing and the writing process).