gratitude post

The other day my son (11) and I were in the van alone. I find he is more chatty in those moments running from here to there than when we are at home. Thankfully, I have been aware of this for the past year and I have been using that time to check in. “How is school going? Any big projects? Anything cool happen at school today? How are you feeling about soccer these days?” etc., etc. He will usually give me more than one word answers when he isn’t competing with his sisters for my attention. Well, this particular conversation was one I will cherish as a mom for years to come. It started out randomly.


“Hey Mom, God was really kind to me today. He saved me from a bad grade.”

Okay! This was unprompted and I was all ears! He went on to explain how he had this big group project that he had been working on over the past week. Presentations were supposed to happen that day, but because they took so long his group got bumped to the following day. He explained that as he was listening to all the others, he noticed they did something extra that he learned was expected with the project. He said that because he learned this before they gave theirs, he was able to add it to his group project and he and his partner would now get a better grade for having that other aspect added to their project.

This story isn’t in and of itself that interesting, but I want to point out that his first response to this “happy coincidence” is to give God credit. This past year I have felt God highlighting to me how I need to train my kids to see God’s goodness in their life. Help them make the connection that God is good and He is good to them. This little story was a huge gift and I fought back tears as I realized God was giving goodness to me in showing me the work of the daily grind of raising my kids is paying off. We don’t bat 1,000 around here, but I take a win when I can. I sent up a shout of praise in my heart as my boy and I continued our conversation about giving God praise in everything…good or bad. He then blew my mind by agreeing that even when something bad happened (he lost his ipad for a few days) he could see God was making a way (he was grateful that he had enough money in his account to replace it if needed).  I mean I was a wreck by the end of this 4 minute car ride from one place to another.

So I ask, are you pursuing a life looking to connect all things to a way to praise God? Praising Him and having an attitude of gratitude takes practice and intentionality, but I can see it changing my son’s perception on life. I believe in the science behind this too. He is rewiring pathways in his brain and shaping his body’s response system. Simply giving God credit stirs our heart to praise Him. Praise opens our heart to trust and believe He will do it again.

Start the cycle today!

Ask God to help you see His goodness in all the things this Holiday season is about to throw your way. Even the hard/unexpected. Ask God, show me your goodness in this. Be open to a perspective shift.


Merry Christmas to all! Christ came and will continue to come for you, every day of your life.