Maggie knew that her life would be different after Bea and Robbie got married. She would be living on her own for the first time―ever. She knew she would see Bea at work and on the occasional girl’s night, but she never imagined she would be juggling that with thoughts of Jack. After that wedding weekend Jack asked if he could writer her. They exchanged information and gave no promises. The letters that Maggie and Bea had exchanged a few years ago when they were living in different states seemed to keep flowing only now between Jack in Alabama and Maggie in Nashville. They came every Thursday. She got to where she would request 2nd shift on Thursday just so she would be home when the mail ran. The door on the mailbox barely shut before she was outside making a beeline for the street. In fact, the mailman began to simply open and shut the box, holding the treasured delivery in his hand, he would wait knowing she would be out in seconds.

“Hello Mr. Wells,” she said with a blushed smile on her face.

“Hello Miss Maggie. You got another letter from your fella.” He said with a knowing smile.

He gave her a wink as he said, “I remember being young and in love. My wife and I were just kids it seemed when I would write love letters to her back in WWI. Nothin’ made my heart soar more than when mail call included a letter from my Pearl. She wrote the best letters. I would read them a hundred times it seemed before the next one would come along. You sure seem sweet on this guy.”

Maggie blushed even more and stared down at her hands.

“Is it that obvious?” She asked hoping Jack felt the same way.

“Honey, you ‘bout the only woman I know who gets a letter on Thursday and has a new one ready to go out on Friday week in and week out for two whole months. Either you in love or you just like to write letters.” The expression on his face gave away which of the two he thought it was. He tipped his hat and gave a wave and continued on his route.

She burst through the front door and practically fell into the kitchen chair. She ripped open the letter and began to devour its every word:


Dear Maggs,

I hope this week has been good to you. I have a surprise for you! I am turning in my two-week notice at work. I plan to relocate to Nashville in three weeks. I wanted to just do it and surprise you, but I know how you like to plan. I know we never made any promises, but I think what we have could be something real special. I’m hoping that when I move up there, you and I could become official. I’d like to make you my girlfriend―that is, if you’ll have me?

This letter may be short but I think it is loaded with my hopes and dreams so I’ll say goodbye for now. I’ll call you on Monday and we can talk through the details.



Maggie stared at the letter for minutes after she finished reading. Her fingers seemed to be frozen to the page. To say she was surprised was an understatement. This letter was life-changing. It also answered the question of how he felt about her. What he hadn’t said with words, he said with a grand gesture. Jack moving here could only mean he had fallen for her too.


Bea opened her door to the most flustered young woman she had ever seen! Maggie had started talking before the it was completely open.

“Your brother is moving―here! He is moving to Nashville. I cannot believe this is happening. I am, just…well. I…He is going to be here…in my town. He also said he wanted me to be his girlfriend. Did I mention that?”

All these words came tumbling out seemingly at the same time. The look on Bea’s face was one of excitement and confusion. “Slow down,” she said. “Jack is moving here? When?”

“Three weeks! He just handed in his notice on Tuesday. He said he would call on Monday night to talk through everything. I just can’t believe it!”

They hugged in excitement because Bea knew exactly what this meant. She spoke with her brother just last week about Maggie. She knew from that conversation that he was in love with her.  Not the kind of love he had fallen into before. This was the kind of love that had the potential to make Maggie and Bea sisters-in-law.

“Robbie and Jack talked last week about getting a job up here, but I didn’t realize it was going to happen so quickly! I kind of thought he was just making pleasant conversation with Robbie while I got the roast out of the oven. Oh I can’t wait to see this happen!” Bea said with tears in her eyes. She knew how happy this would make Maggie.

The conversation turned to their relationship and how much Maggie liked Jack and how long the next three weeks would seem. They planned a few double dates and giggled like two girls in high school fawning over their current crushes. Some things never change.

That summer and early fall were some of the most carefree days of Maggie’s life. Everything was falling into place. Jack bought a place down the street from Robbie and Bea. It was only five blocks from Maggie’s place. The four of them hung out most evenings and Maggie didn’t feel like the third wheel anymore. Sometimes she would pinch herself just to make certain this wasn’t a dream.


Thinking back that many years ago was both hard and wonderful. Nashville was the last city that Maggie and Bea had lived in together. They started their married lives there as Jack would ask Maggie to marry him that Christmas and they tied the knot in March of the following year. Life was so simple and easy back then. Four young people carving their way out in the world. If only it could stay that easy.



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