I leave for Colorado tomorrow morning and today held a lot of promise. I had women’s group, a few small errands, and packing to do today before the kids got home from school. I had a plan…then we had a two-hour delay called. Okay, plan B it is. Then…the call came to cancel school. Well this was not what I had in mind! If I could backtrack a bit and explain that yesterday I had one of the most amazing experiences with God that I’ve had in a long time. I mean breakthrough was grasped and The Presence was evident! These kinds of experiences tend to shift my perspective for a while at least. So this morning when my whole day got hijacked, I took a breath and made a choice. I saw two ways of feeling and dealing with the situation. I decided to choose JOY and be thankful that I got to spend the day with my kids before leaving them for 4 days. Plus, all my essential errands were done and packing had already started. So instead of plan A or B, I embraced plan C and we hung out all morning and then went to the movies as a family over lunch. Making the choice to see the joy isn’t always that easy and I miss it more than I seize it, but the tide is shifting and I am gaining ground!