summer is burnout

Being a part of a writing community over the past few years has brought me in touch with some talented writers that I have never met in person. Michelle is one of those ladies. She is a Jesus-lovin Mom who works to bring Him glory in all she does. I asked if she would like to chime in on my Summer is series and she happily agreed to do so. I could definitely relate to her words and I hope they bless you and gently remind you to fix your eyes on the Author and Perfecter of our faith!


I wanted to run away, far far away. All of a sudden the scene from Shrek two and heading to the land of far far away seemed very appealing.
I cried at everything. My kids bickered at the silliest of things. I felt like I was in a trap and could not escape. My ministry felt like it was failing, my marriage was void of something. Everything wrong. The trap=Life.
After reaching out to friends in ministry, I reached out to my pastor. I’m so burnout! I just don’t know. I want to run away fast. It was then a dear friend in ministry overseas whom experienced the same feelings had written a blog post he directed me to.
The Holy Spirit spoke to me and awoke my heart so much after reading, I wasn’t alone. And her words shared why I was burnout in the first place.
Where is your focus? Who is your center? Kids, friends, husband? Who should it be? Always Jesus!
I spend the time in my ministry making sure the leaders are happy, doing everything I can appeasing them, NEVER to the Glory of God. No wonder I’m burnout. I am doing it to the Glory of Man, whom will always let you down! We are human. We don’t mean to let each other down, but the fall of man, doomed us to death, luckily we have Jesus!
Some notes I took from her post:
“When we put any other area as the main focus or center of our lives (kids, husband, friends) we are heading towards burnout. We can only take that path for so long before we realize we are deep in the forest that we don’t know the way back to the green pastures that God promised. “

Some things to ask yourself:

What occupies my thoughts most throughout the day?

For me it was making sure my kids were happy, despite the bickering they would do anyways no matter how much I tried to do things otherwise. Make sure my house was clean for my husband to come home happy. Make sure my friends are happy.

Where do I spend most of my time and energy?

Making other people happy. (Start to see the trend?)

How many times does someone else, or myself, determine my choices?

Um….See above.

Have I kept God the center of my life this past week?

I think you can see the answers to my above question and determine this answer.


Do you see where burnout comes from?
So what can we do now that we are already burnout?
Thank the God above for bringing you to this because you have now learned he is not the center and your focus needs to change! I was so freed, I became so grateful to be broken! We can take this time to shift focus and the rest I felt after learning this was amazing. Spend time with God, Let him direct all your paths! Not your kids, husband or friends or YOURSELF!
I pray this post blesses you and you give thanks to the one who breaks you to bring you closer to him!

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Matthew 6:33