summer is His Presence

Cindy is a talented writer and a fellow contributor to Inspired Mom’s Club. She has been gracious enough to provide wisdom to fellow moms who are in love with summer and all it brings, but struggle with balancing the flow of summer with the discipline of daily time with the Father. I took great comfort in this guest post as she gives me peace about the fact that my “quiet time” looks different in these three beautiful months of the year. I am looking at my time with God very differently now. Please enjoy this post and check out for more from Cindy



As moms, we wait for it all school year long, the slowing of the separate schedules of our children, not being held to the time constraints of a ticking clock reminding us of the hours and minutes left in the day, pushing through with exasperation to the end when we finally hear it, the last school bell ringing loud the end of yet another school year. We let out our desperate sighs or should I say moans of relief with the realization it is finally here ………ahhhh summer!

Summer brings in a different kind of busy, one I treasure as a mom. I trade the stresses and multiple schedules of my children during the school year for more concentrated family time and connection, games, barbecues, travel, late nights and later mornings. It’s music to my ears! With that being said, there are some things such as fellowship with other moms in addition to staying connected in God’s word that seem to come to a standstill. The varying summer schedules don’t coincide with others within your fellowship group therefore causing a lull in your connection that you have come accustomed to over the school year with God. So how do you stay connected to God during the summer when your usual way of connecting is at a standstill and your life surrounded with loved ones every second of the day?

I would love to be able to give you a list of things you can do but if I’m being honest another list isn’t something I want to add to my summer schedule. I want to be able to break free from the lists that so easily ensnare me during the school year and just live in His presence. I want to break away from the same old routine and take Him with me where no clocks, timers, ding of a Facebook notification or whirl of the washing machine can distract me. Where is this place?

Summer brings a commonality to many of us as the majority of the things we do bring us to the great outdoors. I like to think of it as God’s way of calling me to get out and experience Him in the very midst of His creation!! What wonder and awe inspiring things He wants to reveal to you as you connect and commune with Him in nature! (with the exception of mosquitos and chiggers) Pay close attention as He desires to reveal something about himself that is new to you whether it is in the way your child plays at the pool or in summer games. Maybe He will capture your heart as you watch a breath-taking sunset or sunrise in the horizon. He may even speak to your heart as you do that dreaded impromptu camp-out you really don’t want to do but instead find yourself head over heels in love with Him again as you look longingly upon the beauty of the stars and hear the crickets and toads overwhelming your senses as He lulls you to sleep. The longing of a prayer spoken during the school year may come to realization as you focus on Him in creation and can clearly see and hear without all of life’s circumstances screaming at you, causing your heart to be overwhelmed with encouragement reminding you of His faithfulness. And maybe…just maybe all the family time you share whether it is with immediate or extended family will show you something new and exciting He is working on and growing in one or more members filling your heart with overflowing joy for them.

There are many ways to connect with God during the summer months and as you do, it has been my experience that He floods you with particular verses or brings to mind the ones you are wondering about and what they truly mean. His creation serves as a great reminder to who He is and that His word is alive and thriving among us just waiting for us to experience Him outside the normal places we set aside for Him. So put the lists away, they only serve as a distraction to what you don’t get done and try to control you all over again. Instead pick up the One who calls you to experience Him and desires to show you new and exciting things as He awaits your presence in His creation.