As I wrap up my 4 week theme of “Summer is…” I hope you have enjoyed them. I have some talented friends when it comes to writing and although it is hard to follow their lead, I leave you with the final piece. Summer is now in it’s twilight week as we start school next Wednesday. I have already begun to work on homeschool days with my oldest and am trying not to think about the fact that my middle child is entering the world of Kindergarten…I swear I had these babies mere months ago! Our summer has been pretty awesome. Not because of any mega-extravagant thing we did, but because the days of daily naps died over the spring…it’s a life changer, people. We carpe’d the snot out of this summer! I was also in an interesting place in my journey with the Lord. This summer was about the simmer. The fall is going to bring some changes–some I know of and some I just feel in my spirit. Read below for more on the simmering summer and feel free to comment about what one word (or a few words, I know, one word requests just kill some of us) would you use to describe your summer?

I love to cook! I hate to clean it all up, but that is another post for another time. I am not much for baking, but dinner…savory, colorful dinner…oh yeah. I LOVE to get inspiration from a recipe and then make it my own. As a matter of fact, I have trouble following a recipe to a T (hence the I am not into baking thing). I always seem to put my own touch on whatever it is I am creating. Even when someone else has taken a lot of time and effort to put together a beautiful list of ingredients and a step-by-step process to get me from a package of chicken, herbs and veggies to a plate of perfection steaming in the center of my table, I still insert my own flair. It may be as simple as a few extra doses of a listed seasoning or a sprinkle of lemon juice at the end to brighten the overall flavor (I am a lemon enthusiast some might say).

One of my favorite things to make is soup. I make it every week in the cooler months and no two soups are identical. I like watching all the many ingredients come together in such culinary harmony. I often take little taste tests throughout the process and improve on the base flavor as I go. Then when it seems just right I let it simmer for 20-30 minutes (if I get a chance) before I serve it. In the simmer, all the individual ingredients get a chance to blend and decide on the overarching taste of the soup. Sure you still taste the individual components of the soup, but they fade to the background as the unified taste comes to the forefront. The individual breaks down to become the sum of the whole.

The home cooked goodness of a made-from-scratch soup just can’t happen instantly. I can’t stick all the chopped veggies and broth into a microwave and zap it into a simmered-to-perfection state. I can’t make changes and taste along the way. I would be stuck with whatever mush came out after my allotted time and rotations.

The simmer is the key. In the simmer things become clear, different flavors bond to create a new one. I am in a simmer season of life too. I have so many components of my life. They are all breaking down and melding to create the final product. I am learning to yield to the chef and accept any seasoning he want so throw in to enhance me.

The art of trusting him is what I am learning most right now. I am hungry for a new revelation and to experience more of his power in my life. The sticky part is accepting the challenges in my life that might bring about the revelation and deeper level that I am craving.

So what do you do in the simmer?

You talk to the chef.

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

James 1:5

The nature of God is good. He is only light and there is no darkness in Him. If there are hard circumstances in your life you get to be assured of two things:

He did not cause them.

He wants to use them.

So in the simmer you wait, you ask for wisdom, you worship, and you listen. He has something for you. It may be a greater understanding of who He is. It may be an impartation of His power to work through you to conquer your circumstances. It may be a refinement of your character. It may be all of thee above. He is just that creative.

So what one word would you use to describe your summer?