What I’m Reading Wednesday (Feb.1)

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Hey everyone!

This week has flown by and I CAN NOT believe it is February! I have been reading, but not exactly the type of books I want to all the time.


I have been reading information on Spinal Ligament Injuries for work, recipe books (I was in a rut), going over homework (did you know that founder means (in regards to ships) to fill with water and sink?) , and game rules (the family’s current favorite everyone-can-play game. Life is full but by no means overwhelming. I am enjoying my last week of a laxed schedule before I step into a new role at work. I am thankful for this month being less hectic than it could have been. We are all adjusting to our new rhythm quite nicely. When I get a little time in the wee hours of the morning I am devouring God is Good by Bill Johnson. I am about halfway through so hopefully I will have a review for you next week.

I am still plugging away at a new audiobook from Hoopla but that is about it on the book side.


I have been working hard to plan meals and have home-cooked dinner nearly every night. This is not new, but with a busier day comes the need to prepare for the evenings. I have been shopping on Sunday and getting meals planned in advance. I decided to break out an old cookbook I bought several years ago and see if I could get inspired with new recipes. I have tried 2 so far and I am a fan of both! I will keep trying at least 1 recipe a week in order to keep things interesting around here.





Our new family game has been Gas Out. Yep, its that kind of humor that brings the Ferris family together. The game is simple enough for the 5 year old and funny enough for the 9 year old. Lots of giggling ensues when Guster Gas Bag comes out. It is a cheap game of about $15 and it goes quickly so we can play a few rounds right before bed. This leads me to a brilliant point. The kitchen table has to be cleaned off for us to play…thus, a 5-minute family clean up can take place and the game is their reward. WIN-WIN!


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