Feeling the Shift: The Next Wave

feeling the shift-the next wave

Back in November, I shared that we were feeling a shift. We (my husband and I) began looking into alternative schooling for our kids. This journey is full of so much unknown and conflicting feelings! I almost envy those families who have a conviction about a particular educational path. Maybe it is the area I live in that has made this decision so intense. Here in central Indiana, I am blessed with the best of the best. We have a great public school system. My son is learning nearly at his highest capacity. He is in the class that will push him the most and he is succeeding. If we choose to leave the public school system for the private school sector, we have a list of top schools to choose from. He can get a private, Christian education that will challenge him no doubt. If we choose to homeschool, that community is thriving in our area as well. We can choose from lots of co-ops and enrichment classes around the city. There are lots of activities to ensure he is out and about. We really can’t go wrong no matter what general avenue we choose.

Then comes the other factor: what does God want?

I have been praying and seeking His will for this aspect of our life and I (confidently) get the sense that He is pleased no matter which one we choose. I actually believe that there is no wrong answer (in the general sense). He has grace for me and is capable of growing me regardless of where we finally land. I have asked and prayed. The solution that has come to my heart has filled me with peace and joy. I also think if I would have chosen differently based on a few other factors He would still be smiling and singing joy over me. I stopped and I asked—that is what I think He wanted most of all. To some this may seem daunting. Too many choices. God should have whittled it down for me, and I would have agreed with you just a few short years ago. Now I find it freeing. Freedom in Christ at this level is indescribable! There are many facets to this phrase. In this season, the freedom to choose the best option for us meant that because we brought it before the Father, we have the freedom to live out the choice that we make. He will be there. He will refine me in the choice. Even if my ultimate decision ends up being hard and we don’t repeat it in the future, I will not label it a mistake. I will be grateful that I had the chance to learn more about myself and my son.

Now some may ask at this time:

Have you made a decision?

I would answer that with, No. We have made a few small decisions in the bigger decision, but no definite plan is put in place. Honestly, I am enjoying the journey and feeling no rush to nail down each detail of next fall. I have time and I am doing research and talking to others in different camps. I am enjoying the insight and passion that people have for education of all forms. I am feeling more empowered that no matter how my children get the majority of their education, I can have more influence than I am having right now. I have always thought I would supplement their education, but the rigors of having three littles in four years caused that endeavor to take a back seat. This time of research and prayer has revived that desire in me! See, just the stopping and asking alone has brought so much benefit that even if nothing changes, I can say I have grown.

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